Price list:

Price list of our services

1 dog

Regular price

Price with ticket (20 entrances)

Day care (7am-19pm)


300,- (6000 CZK/20 entrances)

4 months expiration ticket

Hotel (during night) 

- check in: at 7:00 am

- check out: 9:30 am (2nd day)

(if you pick up your dog after 9:30 am there is another charge of day care price, only if you check in after 17:00 pm there is no more charge)

1st-3rd night - 490,-/per night

4th-9th night  - 450,-/per night

  from 10th night - 400,-/per night

400,- (8000 CZK/20 nights)

6 months expiration ticket

  • We would like to inform our new clientsthat one trial-day(which means 1 day-care or 1 hotel stay depending on our agreementis required before their dogs first stay in our center. This trial-day is usually free of charge (unless otherwise agreed). 
  • Every visit of our center or consultation has to be agreed on in advance for a specific date and hour
  • Also every stay has to be booked in advance via email. This reservation is valid only after recieving our confirmation email. 
  • Any sudden cancelation of your reservation (from your side), which is not made in advance (at least 3 days before the beggining of the stay), is going to be charged with a cancellation fee of 50 of the total price.
  • If the ticket is not fully used up till the expiration, no refund will be given.
  • Late pick up your dog (after 7pm) is charged 50,- CZK/for each started hour.
  • Price for one day feeding of your dog is 50,- CZK.


2 dogs (1 owner)

Individual price (agreement)

Day care (7-7pm)

from 500,-/per night (both)

Hotel (during night) 

- check in: at 7:00 am

- check out: 9:30 am (2nd day)

from 700,- /per night (both)

All prices mentioned above are marked up by 100 CZK/per day or night during the Czech national holidays (24th and 31st December included)!

Day care - arrival at 7:00 am or later, check out 7:00 pm (later only after agreement and fee payment).

Hotel - arrival at 7:00 am, check out 9:30 am on the 2nd day (after that time you will pay a daycare fee)  

Price list is valid from 1.8.2019. All prices can be changed.

Account number: 670100-2214295376/6210   or   2001130412/2010