Terms of Accepting a Dog to the PLUTO Dog Center

The operators of the PLUTO Dog Center are Petra Filipková, TIN (IČO) 00992992 and Magdalena Šetlíková TIN (IČO) 03165159, hereinafter “operator”. The dog's owner is a customer ordering services listed below.


Dog Sitting and Dog Nursery:


1. Accommodation of the dog in the dog center, or enrollment to the dog nursery must be booked by telephone (+420 776 346 267) or by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) well in advance (2-3 days during the the course of the school year, weeks in advance during school vacation). Accommodation is always negotiated for a fixed period of time. The accommodation contract may be extended.


2. Before the first accommodation it is necessary to register on the operator’s website (www.dogcenterpluto.cz), or directly on the spot during the handover of the dog for accommodation.


3. The owner must provide accurate information regarding the dog’s nature, behavior and obedience (training). The operator will take such information into account while taking care of the entrusted dog. The dog’s owner is liable for any possible damage caused by the omission of true information about the dog’s nature.


4. Under the supervision of personnel, dogs share together the area of the canine center. The dog owner acknowledges that the stay could cause injury to the dog by some other dog; chafing or other damage may occur. However, the operator shall take all measures possible to ensure that the risk of injury by another dog during the sojourn is minimized.


5. The owner shall submit dog food – kibbles or canned food (other types of food only after further agreement) – to the operator, the amount should be proportional to the length of the sojourn. The dog should be used to this kind of food. The feed is given to the dog according to the owner’s instruction in designated times and quantity. The operator is obliged to observe this. After further agreement with the owner, the feed (kibbles, canned food) may be ensured by the operator for the dog, and the price of feed will be added to the total amount paid for accommodation.


6. During the day of accommodation, the owner hands the operator the dog’s vaccination card or the Euro passport with the valid proof of vaccination and worming.


7. The operator also reserves the right to refuse a dog for accommodation, especially when it seems ill or shows symptoms of increased aggressiveness, or internal or external parasites. The operator will not accept a female dog in heat. In case of concealment of any such facts when handing the dog in, or in the registration questionnaire, the dog's owner bears all responsibility for any damage caused to the dog, and possibly to other dogs staying in the dog center and also to its employees.


8. The operator reserves the right to examine the dog by the veterinarian of the center if there is suspicion for the dog’s illness. Veterinary examination is paid by the owner of the dog. The operator will ensure a veterinary examination at a regular price appropriate to the nature of the illness.


9. The dog must be free of external parasites (fleas, ticks etc.), and preferably treated with anti-parasitic products for the full length of its stay. If attacked by parasites, the dog will be separated and treated appropriately by an anti-parasitic detergent at the owner's expense. The owner will be notified immediately after the detection of parasites.


10. During submission to the center, the female dog cannot be in heat. If the female begins her season during the sojourn, it will be immediately separated from other dogs and the owner will be notified immediately. If – because of the capacity – the dog could not be kept separately, it will be placed to another site and the owner will pay financial compensation for any increased costs.


11. If the dog suffers an injury or an illness during its accommodation at the center, the operator will provide all veterinary care at the owner's expense.


12. If the dog falls ill, the operator is obliged to notify the owner. If a phone number is supplied, the owner will be notified by telephone. If another contact person is provided, the operator will contact him or her. If the owner provides a contact for a veterinarian, the operator will first attempt to contact him or her, if the situation allows.


13. The daily rate for dog accommodation is charged according to the price list on the PLUTO dog center webpage.


14. The owner is obliged to pick up their dog at the prearranged date, or to notify the operator about the possible delay several hours in advance. If the owner fails to do so, they will be automatically charged the price of further accommodation, plus the penalty.


15. The charge for accommodation will be paid in cash during the first day of accommodation. Alternatively, the dog owner pays 50% of the price on handover, and the rest on pickup. After an agreement with the operator, it is also possible to send the sum to the account of the PLUTO dog center: 670100-2214295376/6210 or 2001130412/2010. The price must be paid within five workdays of collecting the dog.